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Trollhätten Træf

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Date(s) - 24/05/2019 - 26/05/2019
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Kontakt eventuelt Henrik Bygholm for mere information på: 4019 2592

Information and date on the meetings, organized during 2019.
The information that we have until this now is written below.

Sweden / Finland.

Trollhättan rally:
24-26 May.
The rally is, as usual held at Stenrösets camping with Malin and Reimond as our hosts.
Address: Assarebo Stenröset 2 46198 Trollhättan
Phone: +46 520 70710

Friday 24/5
13:00 We meet att the campsite ”Stenrösets Fritidsby”.
14:30 Visite to Trollhättans steamtrain association.
16:00 Round trip and coffee break.
18:00 Barbeque evening.

Saturday 25/5
08:00 Breakfast.
09:30 Rallystart.
10:30 Visite to car and motorcykel enthusiast Roger Gustavsson and his “cardamage repaircentre”.
13:00 Dinner att Sollebruns inn.
15:30 Roundtrip at Halle & Hunneberg.
18:00 Spare parts market and barbeque evening.

Sunday 26/5
08:00 Breakfast.
09:30 Practical tests and award ceremony.
12:00 Finish of the weekend
12:30 Annual meeting